PhD in Law, University of Oxford (attending)
MSc in Taxation, University of Oxford (distinction)
MSc in Law and Business Administration, Bocconi University (cum laude)
BSc in Business Administration, Bocconi University

Amedeo Rizzo is a D.Phil. in Law, a Graduate Teaching Facilitator and a Research Assistant at the University of Oxford, UK, Exeter College, carrying out research about taxation, innovation, and development.

He works as Academic Fellow of Taxation at Bocconi University, Italy, and as SDA Fellow of Tax and Accounting at SDA Bocconi School of Management, where he coordinates the Accounting & Tax Policy Observatory and the Transfer Pricing Forum. Additionally, he is a Transatlantic Technology Law Forum Fellow at the University of Stanford and the University of Vienna, where he analysis different types of tax incentives to enhance innovation, intellectual property and research and development activities.

Previously, Amedeo worked for the Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) of the European Commission as an external advisor on budget and tax policy, and for the International Tax and Transfer Pricing Team of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Milan, Italy. He also collaborated with the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability, India, on financial transparency issues in Asia-Pacific countries. As concerns his research activities, he is the author of several papers published in national and international academic journals, such as International Tax Studies, Bulletin for International Taxation, International Transfer Pricing Journal, Fiscalità e Commercio Internazionale (Italian), and Novità Fiscali (Swiss), and technical newspaper such as We Wealth, which selected him for the top 300 wealth management influencers’ club. He also took part in the publication of the book “Brexit: Scenari fiscali e opportunità per i professionisti italiani” published by IPSOA– Wolters Kluwer Italy, which he presented at the Italian Chamber of Deputies with the Working Party on Tax & Legal Matters.

Prior to his D.Phil. in Law at the University of Oxford, Amedeo obtained an M.Sc. in Taxation from the University of Oxford (distinction), an M.Sc. in Business Administration and Law (summa cum laude) and a B.Sc. in Business Administration, both from Bocconi University.